Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Rock formation of the earth in Hong Kong, worth visiting this geological site. Love the natural colors and pattern.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

My wanderlust is leading me to one of my favorite place in Asia, Penang Malaysia. I am looking forward to go back and wandering around town where I can emerge in rich culture and creativity.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

Hong Kong’s typhoon season usually is in the summer, but this year came early in May. What could happened during Typhoon? Windows flying out from buildings and trees uprooting from the ground; this photo was taken very close to where I live. Danger can be seen from its aftereffect.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

The moon bridge in San Francisco’s Japanese garden reflecting what’s happening on top of the bridge. I sat on the bridge reflecting on the meaning of life after the tourist left.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

I’ve chosen this photo taken in a side street in Macau for heritage. This store is open for business selling used books, magazines, black vinyl records, and old movies in VCD format. I don’t see anyone minding the store, maybe it was an inheritance from the parents?



Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

I had to look up the meaning of this challenge, evanescent is a fleeting moment in time. I was walking in a beach in Thailand, picking up seashells, and observing crawling things on the beach. I noticed hermit crabs evanescent into the sand, then little holes disappearing like nothing had happened!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

I snapped this photo of the props being used during a video workshop. It is true that friends share memories together and memories are created in special moments. There are close friends and casual friends, but I only treasure the memories shared with close friends.