Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I have seen people selling fresh goat’s milk with a live goat, you can buy as much as the goat lets you squeeze out of her but I dare not try it! Coconut juice is another story, this was picked from the tree next to you, chopped open right before your eyes, and delivered with a straw! How much fresher can you get?!fresh


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

After I don’t remember how many hours of walking, climbing, and hiking… this breath-taking view and the fact that I made it are my rewards!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

I love those pinches of orange among the translucent fish net.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Wall usually is constructed to protect a city or something valuable, even computers has a firewall! Sometimes wall can be invisiable, people put up a wall to protect themselves consciously or unconsciouly. I picked this photo because I saw several familiar yet unlikely walls existing in this photo… do you see it? wall


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

This tea flower was taken with my I-phone 4, a little cropping on the top and bottom made this a newer format and it turned out it followed the rule of thirds!

rule of third




Weekly Photo Challenge: New

I am posting this old “new” photo challenge during Chinese New Year. A budding lotus represents a new beginning, which also means the old has past.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

You won’t see any shadows without light… and here comes the sun! This photo is taken at the famous Yellow Mountain in China with clouds of sea.