Newsletter 10/2018

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Newsletter 2018/8

Hello from “Saltwater” city (鹹水埠). Please click on top of image to read the PDF file.

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Newsletter 2018/6

I have been back to the States for almost 7 weeks now, how time flies! Please click on the images below for PDF file reading.

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WPC: Twisted

Take it however you like on my take on the theme of twisted……


WPC: Liquid

Liquid can be solid given the right environment.


WPC: Place in the World

This is not your tourist view of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, but one that local people go to catch a breath of air. This is my place in the world for now.b7w

Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

This challenge reminded me of a 1990 movie by this name starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Awakening of the body and the soul was like a miracle while it lasted only for a time in the movie. I do pray that we can be awaken everyday to the miracles that are happening around us. This photo was taken in Taiwan at a writer’s house somehow triggered me to think of awakening. The writings on the window loosely translated: I feel like I am flowing on clouds, flowing at sea, and flowing in this world.