missionary’s mom got mugged

I got a long distance call from my sister yesterday telling me mom got mugged on her way back home from church Sunday(Jan 16 2011)  afternoon. As a missionary stationing miles across the Pacific in Hong Kong, what can I do but to pray and call up my friend in the area to help.

Mom is 78 years old, the robber came from behind snatched her purse while pushing her down the snow and concrete. Her friend walking in front of her thought she felt down by herself. Anyway, its was good that they were able to call up a friend who can speak English to call 911. Thank God that my dad was close by so he could get there to accompany my mom in the ambulance to the hospital. My mom had a dislocated shoulder and cracked upper left arm bone. As a result of the dislocating shoulder had damaged some nerves, she is experiencing numbness and not able to use her left arm at all. She needs to go to a specialist next week to see how long it takes for her arm to regain feeling and usage.

Thank God, that my mom didn’t experience PTSD; she was able to sleep after I prayed with her over the phone. Also she only lost her purse, nothing valuable since she had her keys and wallet inside her coat packet. My friend said this really discourage older people from going to church, specially when they have to walk in the snow!

Please pray for this missionary’s mom to get well soon and she can experience God’s presence and comfort through this event.


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