Reflection Time

It has been such a long time… and I do feel bad about not posting a blog each week. Anyway, it was rough and tough trying to manage all that was on my plate while battling with not wanting to take high blood pressure medicine. Finally I submitted to the doctors’ advice since my life style is not going to change much. Exercise is alway a good idea but somehow not sure why I have such low motivation doing it. I blame it on the medicine that caused me to be so tired all the time.

Am I writing this as a confession for not keeping up with my new year’s resolution? Spring is around the corner and Good Friday is near; how shall I die to my old habit and resurrect on Easter with the new hope of Jesus Christ? Don’t you see the photo I enclosed? There is always HOPE!

One thought on “Reflection Time

  1. 从什么时候开始在这里留言要这么麻烦?-需要名字和邮箱地址,以前都不需要!
    haha, This is a very good confession. I also found out that I have a very low motivation doing exercise:)Add oil and take care:)

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