The Story of an Egg

by Judi Chow
I am an egg; I am a cracked egg;
I have to stay away; I don’t want others to see my cracks.

I am a cracked egg; I have no choice;
I have to protect my cracks; I can’t let others touch my vulnerable cracks.

I wasn’t born a cracked egg; I am an Omega-3 egg;
Created with a special purpose, to be more nutritious, more healthy, and more valuable!
Yet my shell is much thinner, I needed to be handled with care.

My master wants to preserve me, make me into a salty egg.
I was dropped inside a glass jar; I crashed into other eggs…
I felt my shell cracking slowly, there is nothing I can do to stop it!

Why? Why me? I used to be worth 3 times more than other eggs;
Now I am worthless, just soaking in salty water, waiting to be throw away!
I am not ready to ask -Why not me?!

After what seemed forever, the master opened the jar,
carefully scooped me out, gently wiped me clean, and
deliberately placed me on a carton.

I don’t understand it; there are other eggs in the jar, but I was the one chosen!
My master started taking pictures of me, focusing on my cracks, saying how beautiful they are.

I am just a cracked egg; I was chosen for a special purpose;
I don’t need to hide my cracks now; everyone can see through my cracked shell.

I don’t mind it anymore; hopefully they will learn as I did,
to see from my master’s eyes: the beauty and usefulness of a cracked egg!

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