Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

I snap this little wild flower on a walk with a group of sisters in the San Francisco area. This depicts delicate to me, because it is here today and it might be gone tomorrow. In a way, any life can be delicate because there is no guarantee how long one has to live.


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. When I was a teenager returned to Texas, I saw a flower like this along the road. I thought it was beautiful, and it reminded me, no doubt in some small way, of all the flowers I left behind in the tropical rain forests. So I brought it home, as I had brought orchids in Venezuela, and it grew…into a cactus. I later learned that it was a flower that only came once a year, and that it grew into a common and ugly weed as the year went on.
    Perhaps there’s a lesson in this, and I’m not saying this was your flower! Maybe my takeaway can be to enjoy each flower when it blooms, recognizing that this is a bigger event for some plants than it is for others, especially given their contexts.

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