Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

According to dictionary.com, culture means the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. I snapped this piece art sculpture at Penang, Malaysia a couple weeks ago. I choose this photo for this week’s challenge because it depicts the rich Chinese overseas culture in that city. It was my first time visiting Penang, very picturesque and much slower in pace compare to Hong Kong. I felt a harmonious living environment between the Chinese, Indian, and Malay people and you can be exposed to all three cultures and eat all different kinds of food there at a very reasonable price. It was my first time trying out stingray fish smoked on banana leaf, yummy!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. Judi, thanks for promoting Penang. I am indeed proud to be a Penangite. Pray for us, we are having our General Election tomorrow. And I am praying hard that we will have a new, clean and transparent Government. God be with Penang.

  2. What an interesting sculpture. I thought it was graffiti when I first saw it. I like the way that it blends into the surrounding environment as though its been there for years.
    P.S.: Thanks for the pingback.

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