Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

This photo is a little girl playing with the water where she probably wanted an unusual point of view by burying her face in the water. I cropped out most of the other people’s feet and rotate it 90 degrees to give it an unusual point of view.

unusuaul pov

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

  1. Looks like something from “The Matrix”, only from the version where there’s light sometimes and things aren’t always rainy and dreary. 🙂


  2. The story of this image is intriguing and I love the colours and silkiness of the water. I am struggling with the compostion however and wonder if it would be more powerful if the image was rotated so the girl is horizontal?

  3. This is just brilliant …. *smile – not sure about the way you have posted the … photo, if it’s right or a mistake, but it’s makes the whole thing very interesting … make the entry very “outside the box”. Thanks for the plingback.

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