Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

This challenge reminded me of a 1990 movie by this name starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Awakening of the body and the soul was like a miracle while it lasted only for a time in the movie. I do pray that we can be awaken everyday to the miracles that are happening around us. This photo was taken in Taiwan at a writer’s house somehow triggered me to think of awakening. The writings on the window loosely translated: I feel like I am flowing on clouds, flowing at sea, and flowing in this world. 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

I usually heard people used the word “prolific” describing a writer. I choose this photo for prolific production of plastics and straw-hats in Vietnam.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Men made lines vs. God made lines at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.



Newsletter 2018/4

Trusted that you’ve experienced a powerful Easter this year! Please click on image for PDF file reading.

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