102017 Newsletter

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Fire in the sun, water in the cloud, earth holding the tree, air blowing in the wind…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

From my friend’s garden, a fig- opening like a heart, sweet to the taste, beauty to the eye, the texture of its content!



082017 Newsletter

May your summer be a splash! Please click on image for PDF file and clear viewing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

A summer outdoor concert at Chicago’s Millennium Park with friends,

John William’s Star War music brings back memories of younger days gone by,

Clouds dancing in the night sky brings total satisfaction of the soul!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual is something you don’t see everyday, something out of the ordinary. I pick this photo because it is unusual to hang household items on the ceiling as decoration. Furthermore these are items representing an era in Hong Kong where most people are still poor.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

A bridge connects two separate areas, providing a pathway for people to cross. I was attracted by this old bridge in Yellow Mountain in China. There are no trouble water under the bridge, only locks on top of locks hanging on both side of the bridge proclaiming that many people had lingered with their wishes in the years gone by.