06/2017 Newsletter

May you find coolness in the heat of summer!

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04/2017 Newsletter

Thanks for your continual support and care by reading this newsletter! Please click on image for pdf file.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

I intentionally choose green as the subject for this challenge both in natural and artifical colors.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

It was awesome atop the famous Niagara Falls, the majestic view took my breath away.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Some wish for wealth, others wish for health… Wishes are desires to have or to be, including freedom, peace, faith, hope, love… We wish for different thing s at different stage in life, what do you wish for today?wish.JPG


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

I think the man-made structure and the natural formation make a good match in this photo.

a good match.JPG


Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

I was visiting a small island in Hong Kong where it is famous with rocks that look like the “pineapple bun” due to the crevices formation on their surfaces. Against the odds, when this photo turned 90 degrees a heart shape was found!