Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This photo was taken at Cusco, Peru during one of their local festival where all the children dressed up in their traditional custom. I was just happened to be at the Plaza de Armas in the morning waiting for my flight and saw these children usually two by two holding hands, head touching head, or dancing together. Peru shown me a culture of rich in culture as well as being companionable.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

The world through your eyes or through my eyes?! We came from different backgrounds, we see things from different perspectives, and we choose what we want to see. There are so many photos to choose from, but I knew I have to pick one with people in it; I finally decided on this little girl with her curiosity look, climbing up and down the stone wall just to see the world a little differently through her eyes.

world through your eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Talk about curves, the big rubber curvy ducky came to Hong Kong for a visit. I didn’t realize how curvy she was in a much smaller size inside the bath tube until she landed on Victoria harbor.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

I was like these photographers standing, watching, and waiting to catch the perfect, fleeting sunset. All of a sudden, I realized there are many kindred spirits around enjoying and trying to imprint the beauty of God’s creation that is fleeting everyday.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

This was taken in China- my Chinese is not that good, so I look into the English for understanding what the sign says. If you figure it out the meaning, please let me know.

the sign says

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

As a photographer, I am always behind the camera and sometimes like to place myself in the background. Here is one taken recently just for the fun of seeing myself in the reflection.

in the background


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

When I think of escape, my immediate association is prisoners yearning for freedom. They do anything to get away, escape from their physical confinement. I wonder how many of us are chained by the invisible… where there seems to be no escape. On the other hand, unlike prisoners, we do have a choice to take the time that is allotted to us to escape, to free ourselves from present responsibilities for a day or just an hour. If it is guilt that you are trying to escape from, may the Lord have mercy on you.