WPC: Twisted

Take it however you like on my take on the theme of twisted……



WPC: Liquid

Liquid can be solid given the right environment.



WPC: Place in the World

This is not your tourist view of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, but one that local people go to catch a breath of air. This is my place in the world for now.b7w


Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

This challenge reminded me of a 1990 movie by this name starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Awakening of the body and the soul was like a miracle while it lasted only for a time in the movie. I do pray that we can be awaken everyday to the miracles that are happening around us. This photo was taken in Taiwan at a writer’s house somehow triggered me to think of awakening. The writings on the window loosely translated: I feel like I am flowing on clouds, flowing at sea, and flowing in this world. 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

I usually heard people used the word “prolific” describing a writer. I choose this photo for prolific production of plastics and straw-hats in Vietnam.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Men made lines vs. God made lines at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

This is the story of Hong Kong where people live in very close proximity; you can smell the cooking from next door and hear people yelling behind doors!



WPC: Out of This World

This photo taken when the water receeded on the beach exposing the seaweeds reminded me of Tolkien’s world of the Hobbits. It is out of this world!

out of this world1


WPC: A Face in the Crowd

I can’t see his face. I didn’t see any catch, but does it matter? He is enjoying a quiet serenity in Hong Kong where people are always in a crowd.

a face in the crowd


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Life is amazing, it can grow with a little sun and rain.