Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Sometimes the world looks more beautiful when it is blur. Intentional or not, here is my entry for blur.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

This tea flower was taken with my I-phone 4, a little cropping on the top and bottom made this a newer format and it turned out it followed the rule of thirds!

rule of third




Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

You won’t see any shadows without light… and here comes the sun! This photo is taken at the famous Yellow Mountain in China with clouds of sea.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I enjoy watching different lights showing their beauty at nighttime. This is a snapshot of one such wonder at nighttime while traveling in China few years back.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

If you were given this bicycle as a gift, would you be thankful? I probably won’t… appreciate it as much as the local pastors working in remote villages of China. This is how they travel from one house church to the next among the hundreds they are serving. Instead of walking for 6 hours, they can ride their bicycle and get there in less than 2 hours. Are they thankful for this bicycle? You bet!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

Seeing my reflection while learning the history of Dali City.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This is an urban scene from Dali City.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

No, this is not taken in the sixties on the flower child; it’s the year 2012 in China! Could this be an expression of a free spirit? Where have the girl gone? Gone to swim everyone. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? A spirit can only be free in Jesus!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I was traveling; I was tired; I was brought into this hotel; I was not given a choice. I flopped down in the lobby lounge area waiting to be check-in. As I looked up, lo and behold, there is this humongous wall mural of a Chinese idol painted 5 stories high on one side of the building. I was impressed by the artwork, yet overwhelmed by a sense of powerful superstition in this city of Dali. If you look closely at the picture, you will see a lady leaning against the balcony of the 4th floor. You can have sense of the scale how big, really big this mural is!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This girl’s everyday life is working in this small shop, displaying herself for the tourists walking by. I am so glad my life everyday is a bit different, no routine, no set office hours… some said I am living it up. Yes, I am grateful for the variety of my everyday life!