Merry Christmas

Christmas is not supposed to be about shopping, but how do you offer a gift without shopping? God didn’t go to the biggest mall in heaven to shop for you and me, instead HE gave His only Son… that’s how Christmas came to be! Can you think of a way of giving without shopping? This photo was taken at a very big mall in Hong Kong this week where my gift is my presence with a family. Emmanuel means God with us!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

I wasn’t thinking about textures, patterns, or framing when I took this picture maybe I wanted to tell a story with it. As I search for a photo to depict celebration I’ve chosen this one because of the symbolic meanings behind it. The cross that Jesus crucified on was constructed out of trees and the craved heart is the reason for it. It’s a celebration of love, death, and resurrection. It’s a celebration of eternal life pass down from generations to you and me!