2013/2 Newsletter


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2012/12 Newsletter

Thank you, Thank you, and again Thank you!

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2012/10 Newsletter

Mine, the power of prayer, the hope in God, the experience of love!

2012/8 Newsletter

This is urgent prayer request, so sending out the English news first.

Here is the Chinese Newsletter: Judi 2012-8 cnews

2012-6 Newsletter

Thank God the busiest time of the year seems to be behind me, now I can get this newsletter out. I have given up on Mailchamp, but still inching my way in this hi-tech world.

2012-4 Newsletter

I have been too busy to play with Mailchimp. Getting this newsletter written was an accomplishment already! Setting up a new desktop computer is easy but getting all my mailing list transported is another story.

2012-2 Newsletter

Another year, another format for the newsletter! I am working on using a better way to get this across to my prayer partners by trying a free email marking system call Mailchimp. As you know it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but this old dog is willing to give it a try. If anyone out there knows anything about it, I appreciate a pointer or two.