The Story of an Egg

by Judi Chow
I am an egg; I am a cracked egg;
I have to stay away; I don’t want others to see my cracks.

I am a cracked egg; I have no choice;
I have to protect my cracks; I can’t let others touch my vulnerable cracks.

I wasn’t born a cracked egg; I am an Omega-3 egg;
Created with a special purpose, to be more nutritious, more healthy, and more valuable!
Yet my shell is much thinner, I needed to be handled with care.

My master wants to preserve me, make me into a salty egg.
I was dropped inside a glass jar; I crashed into other eggs…
I felt my shell cracking slowly, there is nothing I can do to stop it!

Why? Why me? I used to be worth 3 times more than other eggs;
Now I am worthless, just soaking in salty water, waiting to be throw away!
I am not ready to ask -Why not me?!

After what seemed forever, the master opened the jar,
carefully scooped me out, gently wiped me clean, and
deliberately placed me on a carton.

I don’t understand it; there are other eggs in the jar, but I was the one chosen!
My master started taking pictures of me, focusing on my cracks, saying how beautiful they are.

I am just a cracked egg; I was chosen for a special purpose;
I don’t need to hide my cracks now; everyone can see through my cracked shell.

I don’t mind it anymore; hopefully they will learn as I did,
to see from my master’s eyes: the beauty and usefulness of a cracked egg!

Fasting and Self Control

by Judi Chow

A friend went on a fast for three days and three nights.

My flat-mate just went on a twenty-one day liquid fast.

Another friend went on a forty-day lunch fast.

I know a pastor who went on a forty-day water fast.

Jesus went on a forty-day fast.

I tried to fast for one meal… and my hands were shaking, my feet numbing, my head hurting, my mouth watering, and my stomach growling. I just can’t concentrate on the purpose of fasting- to pray! Please note, I said fast, not skip a meal. It is easy for me to skip a meal or two or three. It often happens as I am in the middle of something so engrossing that I forget about eating. On a few occasions, I needed to fast or abstain from food for 12 hours or so to do a medical check up. From my personal experience, intentional fasting for spiritual purposes requires discipline and self-control.

Traditionally, fasting is defined as voluntarily going without food in order to focus on prayer and fellowship with God. Actually, it can be anything that distracts one from getting close to the heart of God, such as internet surfing or as simple as talking to people. I was at a retreat center where they emphasized the practice of silence even during meals. It was a good enforced discipline in denying oneself from talking to people so one can listen to God better. No matter whether it is withholding from eating, drinking, looking, or talking, our sole purpose of fasting should be trying to focus our heart, mind, body, and spirit to be in tune with God.

I don’t hear missionaries talk much about fasting. I am not saying they don’t, it’s just that when one does fast—everything else needs to slow down to take second place, including ministry! Fasting might seem to be a luxury instead of a priority. After all, missionaries need the food to give us physical strength for visitation or to plan evangelistic events! Missionaries are always lacking of time, how can we afford to be still to fast and feel weak! I do believe fasting is a lost art of spiritual discipline that has been stereotyped into being just for the super-spiritual giants. Don’t be fooled by it, for it is in weakness we seek God’s strength! Beware, when we want to fast, the devil always tries to find ways to keep us from getting close to God, before and/ or during the fast. Remember Jesus’ fasting in the desert? Can we try to fast one meal a week and dedicate that time of eating to come before God- to adore Him, praise Him, listen to Him. I think if we do that, Jesus will be pleased, because we are following in His steps.

Reflection Time

It has been such a long time… and I do feel bad about not posting a blog each week. Anyway, it was rough and tough trying to manage all that was on my plate while battling with not wanting to take high blood pressure medicine. Finally I submitted to the doctors’ advice since my life style is not going to change much. Exercise is alway a good idea but somehow not sure why I have such low motivation doing it. I blame it on the medicine that caused me to be so tired all the time.

Am I writing this as a confession for not keeping up with my new year’s resolution? Spring is around the corner and Good Friday is near; how shall I die to my old habit and resurrect on Easter with the new hope of Jesus Christ? Don’t you see the photo I enclosed? There is always HOPE!