Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

This photo was taken between Halloween and Thanksgiving in one of the small islands of Hong Kong. Where there is no pumpkin, people can be creative and transformation took place!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Take a peek, what do you see? Public housing in Hong Kong, revisiting the not so good old days!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

What a view from the peak on top of Hong Kong island looking down Victoria Harbour. I used the iron fence to contrast the scale of the high-rises. In a sense most people in HK live in small spaces like cages!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual is something you don’t see everyday, something out of the ordinary. I pick this photo because it is unusual to hang household items on the ceiling as decoration. Furthermore these are items representing an era in Hong Kong where most people are still poor.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinner Time

“Poon Choi” is the most sought after dinner time dish during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. It is serve in a basin with layers and layers of food where everyone can get their chopsticks into it.

dinner time.JPG


Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Hong Kong, a city over 7 million people living in concrete jungles.

Surrounded by water and smog, built with steel bars and glass panels.

There are people still trying to voice their feelings about this city,

no matter it’s fight or flight or fear…



Photo Challenge: Half-light

Half n half, half full or half empty?

Half tea n half coffee, half Chinese or half American?

Half light n half darkness, half hearted or half particating?

Half sky n half sea, good or bad depends on what you see.