WPC: Place in the World

This is not your tourist view of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, but one that local people go to catch a breath of air. This is my place in the world for now.b7w


Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

This is the story of Hong Kong where people live in very close proximity; you can smell the cooking from next door and hear people yelling behind doors!



WPC: Out of This World

This photo taken when the water receeded on the beach exposing the seaweeds reminded me of Tolkien’s world of the Hobbits. It is out of this world!

out of this world1


WPC: A Face in the Crowd

I can’t see his face. I didn’t see any catch, but does it matter? He is enjoying a quiet serenity in Hong Kong where people are always in a crowd.

a face in the crowd


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

Dragon boats silently waiting for the next race.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

I bet you don’t see this view of Hong Kong if you are joining a tour group. This is a beautiful part of Hong Kong’s New Terriory where fishermen still dry their catches in the sun! Only locals can take you to these places!

tour guide


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

This photo was taken between Halloween and Thanksgiving in one of the small islands of Hong Kong. Where there is no pumpkin, people can be creative and transformation took place!