Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

There is a Chinese saying that describes “transient” perfectly, clouds before my eyes. I snapped this photo with clouds passing by while these college grads taking a selfie. I do hope the friendship they’ve developed won’t be transient as they go their separate ways. At least the selfies they took should be in their smartphones for awhile.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

I snapped this photo in 2016 at Taiwan’s Toucheng Old Street with these Chinese names in the middle of some old houses’ sketches in this area. Maybe they are the people contributed financially or in other means in making Toucheng a better place. These names representing those who cared about this town and did something about it, they are being honored by having their names displaced here.

What do we care enough that we are willing to do something about it??



Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Between this tree trunk, there lies a pair of empty hands…
so unpretending, so care-free, so intriguing.
Where have these empty hands gone?
Between hard work, there lies a break…
for coffee, for tea, or for a quick visit to
the bathroom? the police station? or the hospital?
Where his only son lies between life and death, between heaven and hell?