Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light


This photo was taken with my Iphone last week when I spent 12 days of solitude abroad a private boat. The sun was raising with the raindrops on the window. It reminded me when God commanded, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)20131221-131408.jpg



Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I snapped this during the Golden hour, a simple subject but with the golden light made this a beautiful photo with certain mood to it. I was attracted by the red fallen flower first, then the magical light surrounding it. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! As you can tell, I am catching up with my photo challenges since I have been traveling.

golden hour

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I was in Taiwan for a meeting last week and stayed behind few more days to visit and relax. I wanted to explore beyond Taipei, beyond the famous 101 building, and beyond the street night markets. About 40 minutes by MRT, I arrived Xinbeitou and went to the hot spring museum first before choosing which hot spring to go to. There are Japanese influences remained as part of the history of Japanese occupancy for 50 years. I wandered around and snapped this photo of an elderly couple beyond this window, thinking they are Japanese. I might be stereo-typing here, but Chinese men usually are not as talkative and Japanese women seems to be more submissive. Take a close look at them, what do you think?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I took some photos at a shopping area in Bangkok few days ago that was brightly illuminated by millions of lights that can work with this week’s topic. As you can see, I didn’t choose those because there is no competition of the illumination from the natural source. If it wasn’t for the light shining behind this leaf, it is just another ugly fallen leaf. I think I am discovering a spiritual enlightenment here, my life is just like this leaf if it wasn’t for the light of Christ shining through me!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Surprise, surprise! I was shopping for a new camera this Christmas. After taking photos for the last 4+ years with this little snapper, I am really surprised by its ability to take this photo as I played with the shutter speed. Maybe I will wait until next Christmas for the new camera.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Where is my inspiration comes from? It came from the One who said, let there be light… and there was light! To be inspired means to be aware of the beauty in creation.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

I took this inside a Catholic church in Macau. Just wondering what is it like looking into the confession room without the priest inside. What seem like emptiness and darkness, there is light and hope. I’ve never stepped into a confession room, but I do confess to my High Priest Jesus Christ who forgives and cleanses me by His blood.


I have always enjoyed taking photos of my own shadow. It is another way of seeing myself besides looking at the mirror. I’ve also searched the www to find some like-mind people who play with shadows. Whatever that shadow represents, I hope it will inspire you to see that NO shadow can be created without LIGHTGod is light; in him there is no darkness at all. (I John1:5)