Reflection Time

It has been such a long time… and I do feel bad about not posting a blog each week. Anyway, it was rough and tough trying to manage all that was on my plate while battling with not wanting to take high blood pressure medicine. Finally I submitted to the doctors’ advice since my life style is not going to change much. Exercise is alway a good idea but somehow not sure why I have such low motivation doing it. I blame it on the medicine that caused me to be so tired all the time.

Am I writing this as a confession for not keeping up with my new year’s resolution? Spring is around the corner and Good Friday is near; how shall I die to my old habit and resurrect on Easter with the new hope of Jesus Christ? Don’t you see the photo I enclosed? There is always HOPE!

A New Look for A New Beginning in 2011

Catching up with the times as suggested by my younger friends who was born in the 80s. This is a good way to start off the New Year by posting my New Year Resolution. Attempt to be a faithful servant in the following 3 areas:

My body (which is the temple of God)

  1. Exercise 2-3 times a week
  2. Turn off the computer by 11:30pm to bed
  3. Balance diet

My gifts (which is from God)

  1. Reserve 1 day a week for creativity in writing / design
  2. Mentoring and teaching sojourners
  3. Project to involve children to care for missionaries

My time (which is use for and with God)

  1. Monthly personal retreat
  2. Regular contact with family and friends
  3. More gatherings at home