Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I took this selfie with my iphone 4 while staying at my friend’s house. It gets the job done.





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    Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

    This is a photo of street life but it depicts living on the streets at Phnom Penh. A mom is looking at her son preparing for dinner while the baby is taking a nap. This is one of the better scenes of street life at Cambodia already.

    Street life



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    Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

    A threshold is a when a person crosses over from one area to another. I took this photo at Cambodia last month where it seem like a threshold to a temple long long time ago.



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    Weekly Photo Challenge: One

    Uno, Solo, One… is a lonely number? One can be an enjoyable solitude. This one of the many photos taken along the Oregon coast. One man, one rock, one ocean, and one wave all for his enjoyment!