Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Down, down, down… I once went to this old public housing in Hong Kong that was renovated into a creative art center. So happened they had an art fair that day, I climbed to the top floor and looked down to the atrium and saw this photo. If I had a better camera with a wider angle lens, this could be a better photo. Time to invest or just be content with this snapper? Any advice?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

I waited for this week’s weekly photo challenge since there seems to be a bit of confusion in regards to the theme. So, Ready it is… There was a fire at Fa Yuen Street few months back in Hong Kong destroying a big portion of the street vendors‘ merchandises there. It was a big lost, but Hong Kong people bounces back fast. This photo was taken after they cleaned up the street and getting ready to put in new stalls. Ready for business as usual soon.