Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Resolved means determination, make up one’s mind. This is a good topic for the first week of January in 2013, frankly my resolution is to be more relax and strive not to be a perfectionist. In order to accomplish that, I have to counteract my workaholic tendency and make time to walk. There is a walking trail that is only 3 minutes from my apartment, no more excuses, I resolved to just do it, walk at least 3 times a week! I can relax, mediate, and exercise all at the same time at no cost except maybe a new pair of running shoes!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

I snap this little wild flower on a walk with a group of sisters in the San Francisco area. This depicts delicate to me, because it is here today and it might be gone tomorrow. In a way, any life can be delicate because there is no guarantee how long one has to live.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal means different things at different time, I had to make a special trip to Vancouver to take care the renewal of my driver’s license. After spending a few months in North America, my friends told me I looked renewal. Actually renewal and revival shared similar meanings to me. This is my way of renewal, by observing people, looking at the ocean, and reflect upon God’s goodness and love.