Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Patterns are one of the key fundamental techniques in photography; it has become a habit lay deep in my subconscious when I pick up a camera. Here is an example of one when I was in Taiwan.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I was in Taiwan for a meeting last week and stayed behind few more days to visit and relax. I wanted to explore beyond Taipei, beyond the famous 101 building, and beyond the street night markets. About 40 minutes by MRT, I arrived Xinbeitou and went to the hot spring museum first before choosing which hot spring to go to. There are Japanese influences remained as part of the history of Japanese occupancy for 50 years. I wandered around and snapped this photo of an elderly couple beyond this window, thinking they are Japanese. I might be stereo-typing here, but Chinese men usually are not as talkative and Japanese women seems to be more submissive. Take a close look at them, what do you think?