Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

I snap this little wild flower on a walk with a group of sisters in the San Francisco area. This depicts delicate to me, because it is here today and it might be gone tomorrow. In a way, any life can be delicate because there is no guarantee how long one has to live.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal means different things at different time, I had to make a special trip to Vancouver to take care the renewal of my driver’s license. After spending a few months in North America, my friends told me I looked renewal. Actually renewal and revival shared similar meanings to me. This is my way of renewal, by observing people, looking at the ocean, and reflect upon God’s goodness and love.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

If you were given this bicycle as a gift, would you be thankful? I probably won’t… appreciate it as much as the local pastors working in remote villages of China. This is how they travel from one house church to the next among the hundreds they are serving. Instead of walking for 6 hours, they can ride their bicycle and get there in less than 2 hours. Are they thankful for this bicycle? You bet!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I love taking pictures while playing with lights. Silhouettes, shadows, and reflections are my favorite subjects. Here is one at a resort I was staying in, it was a fancy hotel like in a cruise that they make these lovely shapes and animals out of towels and sheets on your bed. It was so lovely, peaceful, and relaxing. I was able to walk to the pacific ocean from the hotel in less than two minutes. This is my way of a balancing life; there is a time to serve and a time to be served.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

It took me awhile to choose a photo for this week’s theme since I have so many memorable experiences with different mountains. I decided on the most recent trip into China’s Zhangjiajie, where the place called Pandora in the movie Avatar was inspired.  Now China has renamed part of the mountain, the “Southern Sky Column” to “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain”.  I wonder if the people in China really know the meaning of Hallelujah?

I had to post this second photo also because it was my first time seeing mountains of locks! As it turned out, there was a little stall selling locks of different sizes and they will do the inscription for you. I think it is the Chinese type of wishing well. The lock signifies a tied between couples, lovers, friends, and family. I wonder if they throw away the key or kept it?