Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

I did my wwwp5K in Chicago around Lake Michigan on Saturday with camera in hand because I wanted to do both challenges at the same time.  I saw the skyline of Chicago is saturated with high rises. The park around the lake was saturated with wedding parties, there were many saturated colors on the bride’s mates’ dresses. I didn’t want to intrude with the professional photographers’ team in arranging the perfect poise, so I looked the other way and the saturated color of this man’s shirt caught my eye and here is my take on this week’s photo challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring always meant life in the air, I caught this little pretty flower on my first wwwp 5k walk in the middle of the concrete jungle in Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

So sorry to find out this weekly photo challenge so late, o well… it’s better late than never. I do believe a picture is worth a 1000 words if we take the time to look and see the meaning behind each photo. This was taken at a fishing village in Hong Kong during my second wwwp 5k walk.

For a poor Chinese family, one preserved salty fish with rice can feed them for a whole month. This reminded me of the two fish with five loaves miracle, our Lord cares not only for our soul but our physical need as well.

wwwp5k walk@Hong Kong-done!

This morning was a bit hazy but no rain, so I put on my running shoe for the 5k walk I’ve anticipated for a few days now. It is good to know that I am joining (thousands of?) people globally for one’s better health. With camera on my hand, let me share with you what I saw on my walk… too bad my camera went out on me when I reached the fishing village. As I look at my pedometer, it reads 11,528 steps at the time of this writing!

A test walk today

As I putted on the pedometer this morning, by the time I am writing this it reads I’ve walked 5,511 steps today. Not bad for a normal day of activities by just going to the office, grocery store, and coming home. Well, Hong Kong people tend to walk more since average people don’t have their own cars. We walked to the bus or MTR station from our apartment or office. Maybe I should do more intentional walking tomorrow as a preparation to do the 5k walk coming Saturday. I am doing it to keep healthy and hopefully I don’t need to take high blood pressure medication after I loss some weight by keeping up with my walk everyday.

Joining Automattic Worldwide WP 5k@Hong Kong

My brother just gave me a pedometer yesterday and today I found this challenge from WordPress’s wwwp5k. The Hong Kong government had actually encouraging people to walk 8,000 steps a day to keep healthy and active. This actually exceeded the 5K requirement of 6,000-7,500 steps. April 4-10th? For your record, I shall start on the 9th walking from my apartment to a near-by beach. This should be doable and to think I am walking/running with a group of like-minded bloggers just makes this experience more enjoyable!

A walk mapped on 04/07/2011
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